The Staff Team

Meet the Team Behind Oldschool RO!

Just like any epic adventure, Oldschool RO wouldn't be the same without the dedicated heroes behind the scenes! Meet the passionate individuals who ensure your journey through Midgard is smooth, exciting, and full of memorable moments:

Server Administrator:

  • Jaburak — The captain of our ship and the master planner, ensuring the server runs smoothly and navigates challenging technical storms.

Game Masters:

  • Luna — The friendly ambassador, bridging the gap between players and staff, fostering a positive and welcoming environment.

  • Fawn — The enthusiastic cheerleader, hyping up events, contests, and community initiatives.

  • Vox — The attentive listener, gathering feedback and ensuring your voices are heard.

Support Team:

  • Leann

  • Balanar

  • Konig

  • Ecstatic

  • Autumn —

Design & Content Team:

  • Akihida — Insert introduction here.

  • Hardcore — Insert introduction here.

  • Frosch — Insert introduction here.

How to Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance, inquiries, or to report any issues. You can contact us through our Discord server or use the in-game @request command. We are here to ensure that your experience on our server is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable.

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