👒Costume Maker

The Costume Maker is one of Oldschool RO's exclusive features. This handy NPC lets you convert regular headgear pieces into full costumes using costume tickets and credits.

While converted costumes maintain the original headgear's appearance, any item effects or stats will be disabled. However, you can easily restore the gear to its normal, functional state whenever desired. It's a fashionable compromise that ensures your character always looks their best, even when min-maxing gear. The Costume Maker brings new levels of aesthetic flexibility to your Ragnarok adventures!

Convert Information:

Normal ConvertConvert with Option Enchant

• 1x Costume Ticket • 5x Credits

• 3x Costume Tickets

• 1x Costume Enchant Scroll • 1x Headgear Option Scroll • 300x Credits

Option Enchants:

Available EnchantsSuccess Rates

Tier 1: Gives +1 Random Stats Tier 2: Gives +2 Random Stats Tier 3: Gives +3 Random Stats

Tier 1 = 100% Tier 2 = 20% Tier 3 = 5%

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