#️⃣Available Commands

Helpful Custom Commands you can use in-game:

In Oldschool RO, we strive to enhance your gaming experience with a variety of custom commands. These commands are designed to provide convenience, fun, and additional features to enrich your time in Rune Midgard. Below, you'll find a list of available custom commands you can use in-game.

OldschoolRO Newbie Commands:

  • @npc: Warps you to specific NPC location.

  • @quest: Warps you to Quest room.

  • @dailies: Claim your Daily Reward thru a command.

  • @request <message>: Send a message to all connected GMs.

OldschoolRO Commands:

  • @alootid: Allows you to autoloot specific items.

  • @alootid2: save your autoloot profile.

  • @aloottype: Allows you to autoloot specific item type.

  • @autoloot <%>: Enables or disables autolooting items from killed mobs.

  • @accept: Allows duel invitation.

  • @autotrade: Allows you to continue vending while offline.

  • @allskill: Gives your character all skills in their current skill tree.

  • @commands: Display a list of @ commands available to the player.

  • @changegm <guild member name>: Changes guild leader.

  • @changeleader <party member name>: Changes party leader.

  • @duel: Creates a duel.

  • @go <city name/number>: Warps you to available city.

  • @guildstorage: Opens guild storage.

  • @homtalk <message>: Make your homunculus talk.

  • @hominfo: Returns info on your homunculus.

  • @iteminfo <item name/ID>: Displays item information.

  • @invite <player name>: Invite player in a duel.

  • @jailtime: Display remaining jail time.

  • @joinevent: Warps you to a current event location hosted by a GM.

  • @leave: Leaves the duel.

  • @me <message>: Displays message in a /me IRC style.

  • @mobinfo <mob name/ID>: Displays monster information.

  • @norecall: You'll never be recalled when Emergency Call skill is casted.

  • @noask: Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites.

  • @noks: Toggles Kill Steal Proetection.

  • @pettalk <message>: Make your pet talk.

  • @petstats: Show your Pet Statistics.

  • @rates: Shows the Server EXP and Drop rates.

  • @reject: Rejects Duel invitation

  • @request <message>: Send a message to all connected GMs.

  • @refresh: Synchronizes your position with one stored on the server.

  • @storage: Opens your storage.

  • @showexp: Toggles the display of exp gain messages.

  • @showzeny: Toggles the display of zeny gain messages.

  • @time: Displays the local server time, along with day/night information.

  • @warp <map> <x> <y>: Warps you to given map (x and y optional)

  • @whobuy: searches players shops for given item

  • @whereis <monster name>: Displays the map in which monster normally spawns.

  • @whodrops <item name/ID>: Displays a list of mobs which drop the specific item.

OldschoolRO Custom Commands:

  • @bank: Register, Deposit and Withdraw zenies.

  • @battleinfo: Shows battle information of Kill, Death and Skill Used.

  • @chatblock: To block selected player's public chat.

  • @chatunblock: To unblock selected player's public chat.

  • @dnd: Toggles do not disturb commands.

  • @etime: Shows the server event schedules.

  • @ecall: Allows to use Emergency Call skill thru command.

  • @gbc: Guild Broadcast Command.

  • @garbage: Bypass dropping delay but items will disappear when dropped.

  • @grtime: Shows your Gold Room time.

  • @guildrank: Shows the guild rankings.

  • @hold: Enable/Disable waiting.

  • @ii2: Displays item description.

  • @inn: Warps you to Prontera Inn.

  • @invade: Converts your Arena Invasion Points into Gacha Coin.

  • @nobc: Turn ON/OFF Broadcaster Announcement.

  • @nocutin: Toggles the Event Notification cutins.

  • @nolink: Toggles auto link from Healer NPC.

  • @nobuff: Toggles auto buff from Healer NPC.

  • @nomission: Toggles surprise mission notification.

  • @market: Creates a market clone.

  • @marketkill: Removes your market clone.

  • @mission: Allows you to check your current mission you've accepted.

  • @lhz: Warps you to Lighthalzen Biolab Dungeons.

  • @ltp: Shows your last position on minimap.

  • @otherworld: Warps you to Otherworld Instance NPC.

  • @pk: Changes your PK state so that you may attack/be attacked by other players.

  • @pkbc: Turn ON/OFF PVP Announcement.

  • @points: Shows the total of your points statuses.

  • @pvp: Warps you to PVP map.

  • @quest: Warps you to Quest room.

  • @resetchar: Reset your other character's position.

  • @settings: Allows you to auto toggle selected commands upon login.

  • @sleep: Take a nap. You need it!

  • @skillcd: Shows the exact cooldown of skills.

  • @security: Set/Turn your account security status ON/OFF.

  • @search: Search item/mob in iRO Wiki and RMS.

  • @seeitems: Shows items or not on the floor (useful for PVP).

  • @skillcopy: Skill copy command for Rogue/Stalker.

  • @statsprofiles: A command to save your stats build.

  • @show_auras: To filter aura effects.

  • @token: Warps you to token quest room.

  • @thq: Command that shows the Token quest you've taken and its cooldown.

  • @viewhg: To filter Upper, Mid and Lower headgear sprite.

  • @whosell <item name/ID>: Shows list of players that vend the specified item.

OldschoolRO Client Commands

  • @aoes <on/off>: Display colored areas of AOE skills.

  • @circle: Toggles circle around your character.

  • @lgp <on/off>: Enables and disables LGP.

  • @packetfilter: To filter some features to reduce lag.

  • @shake: Toggles client shake.

  • @square <on/off/1-10>: Displays square around the character.

  • !ping: Shows your ping statistic.

  • !vsync: With disabled vsync the animations is more smoother.

  • /invite: Invite someone in your party thru command.

  • /guildinvite: Invite someone in your guild thru command.

OldschoolRO VIP Commands:

  • @vip: Shows the VIP Subscription information.

  • @vipbuffs: To use the VIP Buffs.

  • @vipstats: Shows your VIP Subscription status.

  • @jump: Warps to a random coordinate on the current map.

  • @storeall: Places all inventory and equipped items directly into your storage.

  • @restock: Automatically restock your supplies from Storage or Guild Storage.

OldschoolRO Battlegrounds Command:

  • @joinbg: Join and Warps you to Battleground.

  • @leavebg: Leaves Battleground.

  • @bgroom: Warps you to Battleground room.

  • @listenbg: Disable Battleground Announcement.

  • @reportafk: Report AFK in Battleground.

OldschoolRO KoE Commands:

  • @koewarp: Warps you to KoE map.

  • @koerank: Shows Player & Guild kill ranking in current KoE.

  • @koestats: Shows your KoE Event statistics.

OldschoolRO WoE Commands:

  • @woe: Warps you to available castle.

  • @woerank: Shows Player & Guild kill ranking in current WoE.

  • @woestats: Shows your WoE Event statistics.

OldschoolRO Event Commands:

  • @joinvoid: To join Void MVP Event.

  • @joinvm: To join Void Mini Event.

  • @joinevent: Warps you to current event location hosted by a GM.

OldschoolRO Star Gladiator Commands:

  • @feelreset: Resets your Star Gladiator's feeling.

  • @hatredreset: Resets your Star Gladiator's hatred.

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