🕹️Void Event

Void MVP and Void Mini are two of our PVE features where the monsters have a great amount of HP and deal heavy damage to their attackers around them.

You must inflict a minimum of 1% damage on Void MVP and Void Mini Monsters to be able to obtain reward with a 1% chance.

Void MVP Cards:

Void MVP

Item Description

Eddga Card Void [ID: 4458]

Increased Maximum HP by 10%, Increase Movement Speed by 50%. Enable effect of Endure skill so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped. Compound on: Footgear

Maya Card Void [ID: 4459]

All Stats + 3, ATK + 3. Makes your enemy immune to Knockback. Reflect single target attack magic back at the caster. (Success chance 10%). Compound on: Accessory

Lord of the Dead Card Void [ID: 4460]

Increase damage on Boss monsters by 40%. Also increases power of Brandish Spear and Spiral Pierce by 30%. Compound on: Weapon

Doppelganger Card Void [ID: 4461]

Increase Attack Speed by 100% [ Knight Class ] - Inflict 150% more damage with Critical attacks. Compound on: Accessory

Osiris Card Void [ID: 4462]

Increase Sonic Blow and Grimtooth damage by 35%. Compound on: Weapon

Baphomet Card Void [ID: 4463]

All Stats + 2. Gives 1 cell splash damage. Adds 100% resistance to the Stone and Sleep statuses if base VIT is 80 or greater. Compound on: Headgear

Orc Lord Card Void [ID: 4464]

STR + 2 Adds 25% chance to ignore Physical Reflect Damage. Compound on: Headgear

Kiel Card Void [ID: 4465]

Reduces all Skill's after-cast delay by 30%. Compound on: Headgear

Golden Thiefbug Card Void [ID: 4466]

Nullifies 20% of magic damage being received. When paired with another GTB Card Void, it can blocks spells including supportive skills that target character. Compound on: Headgear * This card doesn't work with Lord Knight Card and GTB Card.

Orc Hero Card Void [ID: 4467]

All Stats + 3 Gain immunity to the Daze's stun status. Compound on: Headgear

Tao Gunka Card Void [ID: 4468]

Maximum HP + 110%, DEF - 50 and MDEF - 50. Compound on: Armor

Ifrit Card Void [ID: 4469]

All Stats + 3, Increase Maximum HP by 3%. Increases damage of Fire Bolt skill by 35%. Compound on: Accessory

Phreeoni Card Void [ID: 4470]

HIT + 100, Makes weapon unstrippable. Adds 10% chance to bypass Defender skill effect. [ Gunslinger Class ] - Increase Rapid Shower damage by 10%. Additional 10% chance to bypass Defender skill effect. Compound on: Weapon

Dark Lord Card Void [ID: 4471]

MATK + 3%, Add the chance of auto casting level 5 Meteor Storm when the user receives Physical Damage. [ Wizard Class ] - Increases Meteor Storm, Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder by 7%. Compound on: Accessory

Berzebub Card Void [ID: 4472]

All Stats + 3 Add 10% more resistance against Wind property attack. Reflect 1% Range damage per refine rate. Compound on: Headgear

Dracula Card Void [ID:4472]

Increase damage on Demi Human monsters by 20%. Increase damage inflicted on Medium size monsters by 5%. Adds 5% chance of decreasing enemy's SP amount by 10% when attacking. Compound on: Weapon

Stormy Knight Card Void [ID: 4518]

Bypass Freeze status immunity by 10% chance. Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking. Compound on: Weapon * Bypassing freeze immunity does not work with Storm Gust, Frost Joke and Jack Frost skill.

Ktullanux Card Void [ID: 4519]

DEF - 50 and MDEF - 50. Max HP + 10% per refine rate. Compound on: Armor

Moonlight Flower Card Void [ID: 4520]

Increase Movement Speed by 100%. Receive 10% less damage from Long Range Physical attacks. [ Swordman, Merchant, Thief and Gunslinger Class ] Max HP + 3% per refine rate. Compound on: Footwear

Turtle General Card Void [ID: 4521]

Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 25%. Add the 5% chance of decreasing enemy's SP amount by 10% when attacking. Compound on: Weapon

Void Mini Cards:

Item Name & ID

Item Description

Ghostring Card Void [ID: 4500]

Enchant an Armor with Ghost property. Increase Maximum HP by 10%. Compound on: Armor

Deviling Card Void [ID: 4501]

Increases resistance to all elemental properties by 25%. Flee + 20, MDEF + 5. Increase Max HP by 1% per refine rate. Compound on: Garment

Crothen Card Void [ID: 4502]

ATK + 5%, MATK + 30%. Compound on: Armor

Executioner Card Void [ID: 4503]

ATK + 3%, All Stats + 3, Maximum HP + 10%. Compound on: Footgear

Maya Purple Card Void [ID: 4504]

Enable to see hidden enemies. Compound on: Headgear

Gemini Card Void [ID: 4505]

Nullify 85% magic damage spells, including suportive skills that target character. Receive 10% less damage from Medium size enemy. Increases damage dealing to Neutral property by 5%. Compound on: Shield * Does not work when GTB Card Void is equipped.

Angeling Card Void [ID: 4522]

MDEF + 3 Reduce damage from Demihuman by 10%. Negates the effect of Naght Sieger Card. Compound on: Shield

Chimera Card Void [ID: 4523]

[ Gunslinger Class ] Adds a 10% chance of bypassing Land Protector when using Desperado skill. Compound on: Accessory

Owl Baron Card Void [ID: 4524]

All Stats + 3, ATK + 3 Enables use of Level 1 Lex Aeterna and Level 3 Impositio Manus. Compound on: Accessory

Mysteltainn Card Void [ID: 4525]

ATK + 3%, MATK + 3% Increase Maximum HP by 3%. Compound on: Accessory

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